The Alternative

I remember Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev once said that enlightenment can be achieved by the most simple and basic breathing technique if you simply paid attention to your breath at all times. Most of us don’t breathe right or even enough if I am not wrong. A healthy breathing would involve breathing into your abdomen when you inhale and empty it when you exhale. Do not mistake me for a yoga instructor reading this. I am not. And I don’t intend to become one either. But then you don’t really have to be a yoga instructor to share with the world what is essential for individual well-being, do u? Anyway that’s not the point. I don’t give a damn about whether you people breathe right or not. I am just writing this now because I got an idea that I wanted to release into a medium.
So, here it goes. Like me, anyone who has attended basic courses in yoga/pranayama would know about the emphasis laid on breathing into your tummy. But has anyone really paid attention to the way you feel when you do so? Most people pay too much attention in getting the ‘exercise’ right that they fail to realise the essence of it. Let me re-frame the question. Has anyone noticed under what kind of circumstances one tends to naturally breathe into his/her tummy without consciously attempting to do so?
Considering that all we humans are made in the image and likeness of each other, I am simply going to share my experience here. In my personal observation I breathe into my tummy when I am in the warm embrace of the people I love, when I watch my fish swim merrily to the surface to grab the food that I’ve just fed them, when I lie down on the sands of a beach during sunset with no one around to break the silence other than the whispers of the waves, when I watch my brother sleep, when I have one of those hours-together long conversations with my mom, when I have a walk in my colony watching the skies, the birds and the trees, every time I watch the movie ‘Amelie’, when I listen to music , ah……………. the list goes on. summary? I breathe deep into my tummy unconsciously when I am so peaceful and joyous that everything around me looks so beautiful. So splendidly beautiful to the extent that I become the true beautiful angel that I am. but what helps me become such an angel all of a sudden?
Love. I feel peaceful, joyous, beautiful, angel-like or probably even goddess-like when I am with the people I love or when I am doing what I love. It’s love baby.
When you’re full of love, everything is peaceful. when you’re peaceful, you breathe into your tummy. So essentially it is nothing but the reverse mapping of what yoga suggests.
So, I guess you don’t really have to be a saint to see God. I don’t know if A.R.Rahman truly understood the meaning of “I chose love all along my path” when he said it at the Oscars. But this much I know. When love is the only choice you make, there shall be peace and your breath turns into a smooth flow of air into your body, it’s a bliss to even be alive, you love your life, you thank God, and hence you see God.
For those of you who thought I was mighty confused when I spoke about being derailed in my previous post, this is the derailment I was talking about. To not choose our love over everything else is when we are derailed. I guess that’s why we suffer at large. because we make the wrong choice at large.
Anyway, I shall ensure I practise this theory of mine myself first. I don’t care if you people do.


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