There are lots of things that I get to see in the world I live in, that angers and saddens me. Maybe it’s because I live in a third world nation. on the roads, in the bus, the space near the water tanker that brings water every week, the poll booths, schools, colleges, RTO office, banks, all the way upto the honorable PMO and all the way down to the individual himself. There is chaos everywhere. Sometimes the chaos is visible. But most of the time, it is simply there all around you and within you, like an unknown figure that lurks in the dark. You don’t see it. You only feel it and you know it’s upto no good. It creeps you out and you want to cry for help.
Chaos. There are people who spend 500 crores on a marriage. And there are people who kill themselves since they have no means for the next meal. There are women who are fortunate enough to go all the way to the U.S to pursue their masters and there are women who had to drop out of school because they were women. Women who have the freedom to practise their free will and marry a man of their choice and women who get gang-raped and killed for wanting to marry a man of their choice. Children who excel in all spheres of academy and children who ponder over why they must. Children who get to treat their friends to a good lunch in a nice restaurant and children who clean tables at the same restaurant. The educated elite of the society that talks equality in public and yet assigns a separate plate, for the domestic helper in the house, to eat from. A society that says casteism must be abolished in the country and yet each household discourages inter caste marriages and supports their children in their views of reservation, whatever it may be.
A nation that has been slashed into a million fragments in the name of caste, religion, language and state and yet brags of “unity in diversity” in its text books. A people who take pride in belonging to their states to the extent that they make fun of and look down upon other states and yet claim they are proud to be an Indian when in reality they don’t even bother to educate themselves about India. A people for whom this democracy was meant and yet not a single soul has the maturity or responsibility to live or deal in a democracy. They don’t even try to inculcate the spirit of democracy.

Governments come. governments go. Just as the people come and go. Not one of them has bothered to give the people what they truly deserve – hope and faith without conditions.

But when I question all of this, they brand me to be a fanatic, a communist, a disrupter of peace and harmony.

They dont understand that the devil of chaos that they have provoked, is disturbing my sleep. I cant sleep. that’s why I asked the devil to stop. But the devil says that I am the devil, to shut me up.

Chaos. When will the noise stop?


2 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. This is both a brilliant post and a saddening thought. I agree, too often, people look down on the very ideas they speak of holding up. I think, in the case of India, there are still conflicting ideals for a range of social strata, from the economic to issues of gender. I can't say I have some grand answer to the problems (no one does), but I do believe people have to approach it with optimism. There are always positives to be found, even within wrongdoings (lessons that are learned), and society can only build on the good. After all, when have we ever moved forward thanks to the negatives?Keep your head up; chaos wouldn't stand a chance.

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