Being human

I grew some plants in my balcony, watered them everyday without fail.Two varieties of jasmine, one was rose, saplings of guava, mango, jackfruit and avacado
And a few others whose names I don’t know.

Watering them was more than enough for me to love  them.
Being watered was more than enough for them to grow.

No words were said.
No embraces or kisses.

Just water, some manure once a month and an occasional touch to feel the new leaflet or bud about to rise.

There was never anything I needed from them.
There was never anything they needed, for me to let them down.

Beautiful plants that make my balcony a paradise for those little ants.

I see them everyday, nurture them everyday.
Yet I can only let them put me to shame.
For I haven’t learnt the art of love or life from them.

I am merely human.
I am quick to spot the unpleasnt traits in other humans and reflect upon it.
I ought to be lethargic in becoming like the plants.
After all, there is just so much in this world that I need.

I am merely human.

Becoming the eternal giver can wait a few light years.



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