Chain Reaction.

Sometimes some things just happen so quickly that they trigger a chain of thoughts in your  head that are simply hard to brush off. One such thing happened to me yesterday. Around 8 a.m yesterday, I was at this traffic signal in an auto. At a distance of say 30 feet, a young boy who was waiting with another woman, probably in her twenties, to cross the road, caught my attention. By the looks of him I could say he was probably 15 or 16 years old.

But the boy seeemed to have suffered through a great deal of cruelty. Or so it seemed to me. He was dark and thin. His face was completely disfigured. He was blind clearly, but the eyes seemed disfigured too. His face was full of scars and hives. I looked at him. I felt sorry for him. I had looked at him for not more than 3 seconds when the woman standing beside him saw me looking at him. I immediately diverted my object of attention to the signal lights. She crossed the road with the boy. Remember that the distance between where I was (the auto) and where they earlier stood ( pavement) was about 30 feet.

Now on crossing the road, I could see she was coming with the boy straight towards me, the auto that I was in. There were other vehicles too at that point in time. But she came straight to me. I knew instantly what was happening.
She came to me and asked for alms.
Yes. She ignored everyone else at the signal and chose to come to me first. And I knew she was going to do that the minute I saw her come towards me. Think about it. With just an exchange of glance from a distance of 30 feet, she recognised my vulnerability. Yet somehow I could only feel myself waiting to open my wallet and I didn’t wait after she asked me. I just gave her some money right away, all along knowing that she was probably exploiting my sympathy for the boy. But I just couldn’t ignore the boy. So I don’t regret giving her the money.
But after she and the boy left, I thought to myself  “How did she make out what I was feeling with just one glance at me? Am I so pathetically readable? Even from a distance of 30 feet? She sure has good judgement.  Or is that what living on the streets does to you? Watching people, and dealing with them, you know who is likely to behave like what. Or perhaps even form a pattern in your mind about which class of people is likely to behave like what. Such precision in judgement. Like a crocodile that knows its prey. But am I the prey really?  She may or may not use the money for the boy. But I had given the money to her well aware of the possibilities of what was happening. And I didn’t care. But I must admit I can’t stop admiring how she scooped down on me. I wish I knew the world as well as she did. But to know the world like she does, I would have to be living on the streets, not in this well gaurded and well protected kingdom that is inhabited by not more than a handful lives. Would I really want that? Absolutely not. But she knows so much that I may never know in my life. So am I really as better  priviliged than she is, as it seems?”
Hahahaha….. there!!!! Did you see? What did it start off with and where it has proceeded upto!!!!! Thoughts!!!!  They are simply so easy to get lost into.


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