The Dance of Light.


    As infinite number of photons continue to bombard my abode, the tall standing saints continue to soak in their energy.


Despite knowing that this is probably their final dose for the day, they continue to simply absorb the tremendous energy that is being thrown at them. No sorrow of separation. No fear of the point of no return. They simply stand with closed eyes and perfect bliss, consuming, savouring every ounce of the juice of life within themselves.


Blessed are those who can witness this dance of life. Cursed are those who simply can not see for it happens at the windows and door steps of all, for all to see. Bhairavi couldn’t contain her joy on seeing it. She was full of ‘surrender’. “Who would worry about rebirth if this sight could be witnessed every single day of one’s life”, she wondered. Lost in the magnificence of what she saw, she no longer knew which is God – the source of life or life?