Do you know what this bird is called?

One morning, when I set out to cycle, I decided to take my camera along just to see what I could capture. And guess what nature had in store for me. It was this guy here.


I had never seen him before until then. I waited at a distance and zoomed in on him.


It was only then that I realised what he was up to. Hunting, of course.


The fellow was busy catching dragonflies. I simply couldn’t contain my laugh. I was thanking my stars that I got to witness this hilariously cute and rare sight.


Living in the city tends to steal away some of the things ,which otherwise nature would love to throw at us with pleasure. Which is why these pictures are a rarity – they were clicked in the city.

DSC00204How many of us know that Bangalore is home to fellows like these as well? Oh, by the way, this is my favorite picture of him. Look at the look on him when he missed a dragonfly!

DSC00207If any of you know what his name is, do comment.


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