Just giggles

When Varsha told me that she wanted me to make a glass painting for her, I began to wonder what had gotten into my colleagues. “Did all that work mess with their ability to think? First it was Crisenta asking me to paint for a price and now it was Varsha. Why do these people want to waste their money on a half baked artist like me?”,  I thought and simply laughed. ” I’m serious, dude. Paint for me”, she said. I didn’t see why I should say no.
Varsha wanted me to paint a beer mug for her sister’s birthday. Given that her parents were annoying her sister about marriage, Varsha needed the painting to be one that would remind her sister of the awesome life she was having being single. Now that’s what I call a sister! But Varsha had no intention of employing my creativity. She laid it all out very clearly to me. “I need you to draw a really hot guy with a beer mug in his hand”, she said. So I began looking for a beer mug. Not one shop in the whole of Indiranagar and Tippasandra had the sort of beer mug I was looking for.


A few days later, Semper told me he had seen some nice beer mugs in a shop on 100 feet road. Varsha and I went there, that very day during lunch hour. We couldn’t find any beer mug that conformed to our requirement. But we found something else. It was a jug. A plain, simple one that was worth the money. We bought it right away.

Meanwhile I had the draft image of our hot guy ready.  At home, upon seeing the draft I had left on my table, my mom began worrying as to what was going on with her unmarried daughter. My brother hated the very sight of the picture I had drawn since it made him feel awkward. When I showed it to the girls in office, there were giggles all over.
The time had come to finally immortalise it on glass.

That night I painted the image on the glass with much caution. My fingers had still not stopped trembling. Once I was done, I forgot all about the painting and slept.


Next morning, my brother gave me a dirty look and said, ” You are not painting anymore.” My mom commented,” why does this guy have six packs all throughout his body?”
“Six packs are fine. Why does he have such big boobs?  Ask her to take that away from me!”, my brother cried. Every male friend of mine who saw the painting had just one thing to tell me – ” That’s a little too graphic. You didn’t need to go into so much detail.”
I simply laughed my heart out. When men draw and photograph skimpily clad women, they don’t pay any attention to the unreasonably high standards they set for a woman’s looks. But when women show the slightest signs of being picky, they get quite intimidated. And I was witnessing it first hand. Oh! The look on all their faces! Worth a million bucks!
Anyway, at the end of it, Varsha and her sister loved the gift. And I felt good.


2 thoughts on “Just giggles

  1. Cute booby guy. But I enjoyed reading this more. hehe. I like your stories of how you went about painting a glass painting. Btw, I went to Kitsch mandi yesterday..and saw many glass painting work there. You too must put a stall sometime! 🙂

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