A critique on the photo nazis’ critique.

Many times I have come across people on social media and of late, even mainstream media, complain about how every Tom, Harry and Dick today has an SLR or one of those cool cameras, whose features or function, they do not know, and yet they are prompt to click pictures and post it onto facebook. A lot of ideas come gushing through my head each time I hear this and so I thought, “why not go live about it!”

Unedited : A crane shot using my sony cybershot hx300


As someone who enjoys taking pictures frequently with her camera, I certainly take great offense each time someone ridicules my pastime in the above mentioned manner. After all, I live in a free country that guarantees me my right to pursue the kind of life I want to. And given that these photo nazis did not pay for my camera, I see no point in anyone having a problem with my hobby. Or with any photo enthusiast for that matter. However, one must be blind to not see the magic behind this ongoing phenomenon.

Unedited : Another one…

Until a few decades back, photography was a pastime only an informed few could afford, and yes, the elite too. But today anybody can call themselves an amateur photographer. It may look like the charm of photography is being taken away. But it is not so. Digital cameras are now easily available at prices that any middle class family can afford. Development in technology has enforced fresh perspectives to come to the fore; it has enforced more number of people to keep in touch with things that excite them. If capitalism is mass production and maximum profit, and if communism is everyone having equal access to all resources and enjoyment of opportunity through merit, technology today, is what plays cupid to communism and capitalism. (YEah, I don’t think there is going to be a third world war.)

Unedited : If any of you know this lovely insect, let me know what it’s called. The fellow is a natural.

This is a kind of decentralisation of power.Yes. No longer can only an elite few wear that intellectual mask through photography. Like only few men have a perspective of the world. Maybe that’s why the disgruntled men come up with such jealous remarks.

Unedited : And here is my favorite model of all times – The Sun.

That just opens the door for another idea. Is there anything known as talent? I don’t really think so. You see “talent” is one of those mind games that the world has been playing on people for long enough now. SImply put, talent is nothing but politics. You heard me. There is nothing that nobody can not do. Everyone can do everything. While some learn the trade quicker, others may take a while. That time taken to learn a skill, again depends on the personality of the individual – the likes, dislikes, etc. which is again just an illusion – a conditioning of the mind. It is not really you. So, to sum it up for you, talent is a word that society has been using to keep the rich people rich and poor people poor. IF a teacher uses the word, it is because the student is/not making her job easy for her. The same applies to photography. Like any skill, all it requires is the passion to learn and explore. Nothing else. The rest is just modern day casteism. Don’t buy it.


The Dance of Light.


    As infinite number of photons continue to bombard my abode, the tall standing saints continue to soak in their energy.


Despite knowing that this is probably their final dose for the day, they continue to simply absorb the tremendous energy that is being thrown at them. No sorrow of separation. No fear of the point of no return. They simply stand with closed eyes and perfect bliss, consuming, savouring every ounce of the juice of life within themselves.


Blessed are those who can witness this dance of life. Cursed are those who simply can not see for it happens at the windows and door steps of all, for all to see. Bhairavi couldn’t contain her joy on seeing it. She was full of ‘surrender’. “Who would worry about rebirth if this sight could be witnessed every single day of one’s life”, she wondered. Lost in the magnificence of what she saw, she no longer knew which is God – the source of life or life?